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Your donation to us strengthens Leaked Reality

20856   4 months ago
nemdoo | 28 subscribers
20856   4 months ago
Your donations strengthens Leaked Reality and helps us stay online and keeps it 100 % Free, by donating money for servers, domains, services and audits.

It costs us around $8500 per year to run our servers and web services that are needed to keep our web operation running. We would rather spend this money on developing the site further.

Where your donation goes
We are spending the money raised on the following services which we need to keep our site, our team, and our social media running as efficiently as possible:

1- Servers ( incl. backup servers)
2- Sucuri - website firewall and backup
3- Development of the site

This website is made possible by the passionate dedication of our team, volunteers, donors, sponsors, and grant-givers. LR is a EU registered non-profit PRESS - company.

Whether you donate yourself, or use your network of friends and colleagues to raise funds for us, we are extremely grateful for your support.

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