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Hellooooooooo Leakedreality..


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23682   10 months ago
Anonymous | 30 subscribers
23682   10 months ago
Hello Leakedreality..

Ok we are finally back, that is the good news - back on track, good start right? Right.

Ahh censorship, wonderful to live in a society where dictatorship and big tech bullying rules and yet they still manage to call it, ‘democracy’, MSM keeps saying- we have freedom of speech.. Seriously? You can ONLY have a voice, if you agree with the left, else you do not have a voice.

This is what happened to liveleak, bestgore, and others like us. Unfortunately LL had to move into a different direction, to the left -> changed their content, censor the comments, shut it to newcomers.. Right now you can’t even see the comments, not if you're a new user..I don’t blame them, because it was either that option, or no site at all, advertisers demanded change.. So they have.. Now it’s libleak, or dickless… or whatever you guys call them these days..

Same for other sites, they all struggled with censorship, which came with the financial struggle, big techs forced to remove the content and the comments in order to serve ads. How can you run a site without income? You can’t. If the site doesn’t generate anything in return, obviously no one can afford to do it forever by paying from their own pocket..

Just two days before they shut us down, we got an email warning saying, remove the comments.. Obviously we didn’t, and we are not going to ever. We are LR. Although this has cost us lot, not even sure if we will be able to get our money back for the time we've paid for.. we will see.

Ok now the bad news..
Bad news is that they’ve deleted our backup data as well..,and it looks like we need to take it to the court for that… since we did not get any warning, and they just shut it down with no specific reason, just like that, it’s against da rules.. Hurr hurr derp.. Bubba mad, oogga booga.. Well go duck yourself too, Bubba.. I mean it.. You have no power to censor shit, fuck you and your servers..

Now before you jump and start bitching at us, ‘why did you use godaddy? Well, they were cheap. And we are poor - . and since we are not a commercial site and rely only on you guys, we couldn’t.. End of story.

Can this happen again?
Naah, we are sending full backup to 3 different locations + some other measures. So no. When we collect enough money it will be hosted INHOUSE. So we will be secure as F, any issues we can take it to court.

Are you going to change the content, censor us the ‘users’?
Not ever, we rather shut everything down than censor you guys, since we are not gonna do that. No censorship

What about all the videos and the comments?
They deleted everything.. But…. we are looking to retrieve it from our manual backup.. Lets hope we can..

Why did they delete your files and shut you down?
They did not shut us down, they shut YOU guys down, we are a social platform trying to be voice for freedom of speech, obviously name calling hurts lefties feelings, although they are cool with monkey riots, looting, reparations for the Kungzz and shieet, just not for the white men, because pointing out what is wrong with our societies while showing proofs, ( in this case the videos speaks for itself)

And the Left...
Our lovely lefties on this site which we have tolerated and given voice to are the main reason why they take the site down..maybe they thought we will go away.. Jokes on you though, we won’t, but you sure will :) Anyone seen my ban hammer?

What about my points?
We will fix them for you, as fast as we can. First the VIP’s, why? Because they keep this site alive..

Last but not least,
If you lost your VIP status you have paid for, PM me asap, will fix it and add your points and upgrade you as well for free…

Let the fight continue, peace out.

PS: Ignore the grammar errors and spellings, It's been a rough 48 hours, :)

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Tags: censorship
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