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We Need To Talk About The Jews - BANNED Documentary


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9556   9 months ago
Anonymous | 61 subscribers
9556   9 months ago
We Need To Talk About The Jews. BANNED Documentary

YouTube blocked this documentary immediately after it was posted a few days ago, don't let the truth be censored.

But - We Need To Talk About The Muslims is not Banned.. hypocrisy much? ??

I'm not a Muslim or remotely connected or fond of any, just pointing the obvious censorship going on and the pathetic hypocrisy...

We all have freedom of speech, or do we? When we say something the powers that should not be don't like it seems our freedom of speech goes out the window ;). Fight for your rights or you will lose them, they are not just given to you. Your silence is your consent, let us all collectively be heard loud and clear: WE DO NOT CONSENT!

I'm not politically correct and proud of it. I am not an anti Semite. :) not ALL Hebrews are bad people by any means.

Research for yourself and you will find the truth.

Thank you LR and everyone who supports this site that allows us to have a voice without any censor what so ever.. Thanks again.
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