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How to Behave in Britain 1943


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807   1 month ago
Leviathan | 236 subscribers
807   1 month ago
This 1943 educational / training film (originally titled as ‘A Welcome to Britain’) introduces US soldiers to Britain and tells them what to expect, how to behave and how not to behave in Britain during World War 2. The film aims to explain British culture and character. Starting with the ubiquitous pub visit, the film breezes through geography lessons, food, entertainment and traveling on the British Home Front. It was made by the Ministry of Information (United Kingdom) with the assistance of the US Office of War Information. Remarkably the film is not a patronizing propaganda piece like so many other similar productions made during the war.


The United States and Great Britain have been firm allies for a century. Their mutually beneficial relationship particularly deepened during World War 2, when the circumstances of war brought hundreds of thousands of Americans through the British Isles.

The United States entered the war in December 1941, and American ground forces arrived in Belfast the following month. By February 1942 members of the U.S. Eighth Air Force were on the ground, building towards a strategic bombing campaign. American and British naval and air units cooperated in fierce battles for the control of the Atlantic. The U.S. troop build-up progressed quickly at first to support Operation Bolero, the buildup for a proposed invasion of France. Bolero was suspended amidst concerns that a 1942 or 1943 cross-channel invasion would be premature, and troops were diverted to North Africa and the Mediterranean. In the second half of 1943 the American buildup in Great Britain resumed in earnest.

The United Kingdom served as a critical base for American operations throughout the war. U.S. troops embarked from there for the invasion of North Africa in November 1942, and for subsequent operations in the Mediterranean. American units participating in the Combined Bomber Offensive and the air war over Europe were based in England. Great Britain served as the training ground and staging area for Operation Overlord, the massive amphibious invasion of Europe through Normandy on June 6, 1944 – D-Day. Over 1,600,000 American servicemen and women were in Great Britain as the invasion was launched. Numbers dwindled thereafter, but as late as April 30, 1945 there were still over 224,000 airmen, 109,000 communications zone troops, and 100,000 in hospitals or preparing to serve as individual replacements.

At the height of the American presence in Great Britain, American servicemen and women were ubiquitous through much of the island nation. They built or occupied vast encampments of their own, but also spent time in local pubs and establishments, toured the countryside, and befriended British families. Both nations established impressive programs to bring the two cultures together amicably, and to accommodate and entertain the visitors. Tens of thousands of American servicemen married English women, bringing them back to the United States after the war ended. American Forces Radio Network broadcast from the United Kingdom, bringing music and news from “home” to the British air waves. American Red Cross Service Clubs opened to entertain American servicemen off their bases. Pieces of American life and culture were seen and felt across the United Kingdom throughout the war, and Americans in turn took pieces of British life and culture home with them.

WW2 Training Film for US Soldiers | How to Behave in Britain | 1943

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