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BRPD releases video of incident involving Koy Moore 3 officers


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760   14 days ago
ThisIsButter | 314 subscribers
760   14 days ago
After several months of waiting, the Baton Rouge Police Department released police video of officers' encounter with LSU football player Koy Moore, who alleged they harassed him and violated his rights.

In November, Moore claimed he and a friend were stopped in an off-campus parking garage around 2 a.m. while he and a friend were heading out to get food. Moore made a post on social media claiming officers pointed their weapons at him and searched him for a gun which he didn't have.

Deputy Chief of Administration Myron Daniels said officers were called to the parking garage that night to break up a large party with hundreds of people. Those officers stopped Moore and his friend after seeing them "suspiciously" ducking behind vehicles in the parking structure.

One of the two men told police they hid because they saw people running and weren't sure what was going on.

"They may not have been doing anything wrong either. It's OK to say that as well," Chief Murphy Paul said.

While the video released Tuesday didn't appear to support Moore's social media post, Chief Paul said he didn't want either of the young men to be judged for how they reacted.

"I don't want anyone to criticize these young men for filing a complaint and expressing how they feel," Paul added. "We understand emotions. We understand past pain... We also understand it was a traumatic, emotional event for these young men to go through that."

The three officers involved were cleared to return to work months ago. Two of them were issued letters of reprimand for conduct unbecoming of an officer.

Paul said Tuesday that laws prevented the department from releasing the videos before the disciplinary process concluded.

"I'm grateful Koy is safe and thankful the to Baton Rouge Police Department for being transparent throughout the whole process. I hope that it is something we can all learn from and move forward," said LSU Head Coach Ed Oregeron in a press conference Tuesday afternoon.
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