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BLM Blocks Brooklyn Bridge, Cops Push Back


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BLM Blocks Brooklyn Bridge, Cops Push Back.

Black Lives Matter and affiliated protesters blocked traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City on Saturday night, leading NYPD officers to make arrests.

Video footage showed the demonstrators crossing the Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn into Manhattan before squaring off with officers. Some officers deployed pepper spray.

According to officials, no injuries were reported, and about a half-dozen demonstrators were given appearance tickets for obstruction of vehicular traffic, reported the New York Post.

Last week, demonstrators and agitators were seen spray-painting red anti-police messages on a monument at Columbus Circle in Upper Manhattan.

Critics of the Black Lives Matter movement and protests have noted that protesters and agitators frequently vandalize and deface public property, statues, and small businesses—likening the defacement of statues of historical figures to China’s Cultural Revolution from 1966 to 1976, where throngs of Red Guards would chant Maoist slogans as they destroyed temples, statues, and other historic buildings as they tried to eradicate Chinese traditional culture.

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